Corporate Funding

The world of corporate funding can be confusing, time-consuming and, at times, daunting. We provide straightforward solutions to growing businesses.

Our experts draw on their commercial background as well their legal know-how and the commercial director her knowledge as an entrepreneur and founder. We will prepare and/or audit your legal documents, assist you with your corporate structure and guide you through the due diligence and other processes to get you investment-ready and negotiate terms going forward. We have both the experience and the know-how as to what a bank or angel investor or otherwise is going to ask you, expect to see and the importance likely attributed to these documents. As such, we can go through a pre-funding due diligence process with you to ensure you are ready and can meet the expectations of the funder.


Why choose us

Apart from winning the Most Innovative Law Firm, London our client’s describe us as ‘large enough to handle the work, but still small enough to care’ , which we believe sums up how we approach working with you and your business.

We are here for you every step of the way, providing you with a high quality service that will enable you to remain focused on your business needs.

  1. We Offer fixed fees for each stage of work we undertake or see here….for our scale-up packages
  2. Review of your company structure to identify key issues that need addressing
  3. Explore with you the possibility of Advance Assurances and EIS/SEIS alongside regulated advisors
  4. Ensure that you have all the essential and appropriate commercial paperwork in place such as:
    1. Founders Agreement / Shareholders Agreement
    2. Directors Service Level Agreements, Employment and Consultants Contracts (with appropriate restrictive covenants in place)
    3. Employment Option Agreements (if appropriate)
    4. Confidentiality Agreements / NDAs
    5. Appropriate IP Agreements so that your IP is correctly assigned / owned by your business
    6. Business Terms and Conditions
    7. Data protection, website, privacy terms and conditions
    8. Staff Handbooks
  5. Advise on and negotiate your investment deal, whether that is seed funding, crowd funding, debt or equity financing, or a Joint Venture Agreement.
  6. Invite you to our events to hear about all the funding options, available to you, and meet those that can help with business plans, growth and pitches
  7. Prepare your exit strategy and build that into you documents

We love helping our clients overcome the challenges of this process and providing with them with solid foundations to support their growth. Read our many articles and blogs for advice and top tips.


For further information, please contact our team on 020 7426 0382 or at