We are a well-known practice focusing on the difficult legal issues faced by the LGBT community. We have a dedicated LGBT Team and client manager specialising in this field.

As a City based law firm, we deal with almost every legal issue encountered in the LGBT community, in daily life or in business. Our LGBT Team, led by Andrew Spearman, can advise you on civil partnerships and same sex marriage, international or domestic surrogacy and fertility law, co-parenting, HIV discrimination, equality practice in the workplace, setting up your own business, Wills and everything in between.



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We take a no-nonsense approach to the law in that we do not use unnecessary or complicated legal jargon with clients, but provide concise legal advice that can be understood. Every stage is taken at your own pace. We have a wealth of experience because our team comes from a variety of backgrounds with varying levels of experience.

We consider ourselves a truly gay friendly and approachable firm of solicitors sincere in its dealings with the LGBT community with transparent billing procedures. We have no preconceptions and no judgment, just honest and professional advice. Read more in our regular editorials in the wide range of publications below and on Gaydar radio, Gadio.


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******LGBT Law Clinic******

A City Law Firm holds a Family Law Clinic by appointment every Thursday between 11am – 3pm providing a free face to face consultation with our specialist Family Law Solicitors.

This includes preliminary advice on matters such as: Divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, surrogacy, fertility law and co-parenting, child custody and contact for surrogates/IVF/LBGT parents.

To benefit from this offer, appointments need to be booked in advance.
Please quote “FAMILY15"

Equality and Discrimination services are also provided and a free telephone consultation is also available for these matters.

Including: Sexual orientation or HIV or Transgender discrimination/breach of equality services.

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I was being harassed and bullied at work because my team discovered from HR I had HIV. I was humiliated, scared and depressed. Karen worked magic getting me out of the environment and settling on a payment for me, but it was more her compassion and fight that kept me going and has allowed me to face interviews again for a new role. I am in a senior position and have faced many hurdles in life , but this was very personal for me. Karen really does know what she is doing legally but as a support she was a real rock.

After working for my employer for some 22 years of loyal service I was made redundant without any due notice or suitable settlement agreement. I was in a total shock and dismay with the company attempting to bully me into taking the unsatisfactory settlement. After contacting A City Law Firm they arranged a meeting with myself they immediately made me feel at ease and took over the negotiation with my former employers, they were extremely professional and efficient and achieved a good settlement for minimum cost to myself. As a member of the LGBT community I would fully recommend them and although I hope never to need them again I would certainly consult them in the future should the case arise. 2017

I contacted the City Law Firm when I had to confront a very difficult and stressful employment issue. From the moment I entered their offices I was made to feel very comfortable and supported. My solicitor kept me informed of the progress of my case, I found Laura to be very professional and friendly, she gave me advice and very useful guidance when I had to enter meetings with my employers and line managers. The outcome of the situation was very satisfactory. I have moved forward from a very distressful situation and have begun to build a new life for myself with the help and support of Laura. I have advised friends to call the Firm when they find themselves needing legal advice.

Surrogacy is a long, expensive and scary process especially when we were flying to and from the USA. Andrew and the family team really made us feel as ease, they knew their stuff and the court seamed on their side. They got us everything we needed swiftly and within the budget set. Cannot recommend or thank them enough.

I want to acknowledge Andrew Spearman from A City Law Firm for his professionalism while handling me and my partner’s legal needs. Such matters can be very uncomfortable and stressful while you are going through the process. Andrew made us feel very comfortable and kept us well informed every step of the way. We will not hesitate to use Andrew and his firm again in the future. 2016


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