Child Maintenance

Most applications for child maintenance are now made to the Child Support Agency. 

The Child Support Agency is responsible for providing you with support and advice and in calculating the amount of maintenance payable (from a set formula). The Child Support Agency will also assist in collecting and enforcing the maintenance payments if required to do so.

We are able to provide you with initial advice in relation to child maintenance and support you in your dealings with the Child Support Agency if need be.

Generally the Child Support Agency has sole jurisdiction to deal with child maintenance however there are some circumstances where the Child Support Agency has no jurisdiction i.e. where a child is over 19 and in education, step children or where one of the parties or the child is not resident in the UK. In circumstances such as these an application can be made to the Court for an Order. Further applications can be made for supplementary maintenance if a child has a disability or is in fee paying education.

At A City Law Firm we are experienced in advising clients in relation to the amount of child maintenance that they may be entitled to claim for the child or how much they should be paying. If your circumstances justify making an application to Court we will provide you with clear and sympathetic advice throughout your case.