Dispute Resolution

There are many ways in which a dispute, claim or conflict can arise, but our litigation lawyers approach each one with the same goal: to resolve matters. Where possible we aim to do this through an amicable settlement and conclude matters as swiftly as possible in the most cost-effective manner.

Our litigation lawyers will handle your matter right from the initial meeting through to settlement; via mediation (if appropriate) and all the way to a fully-contested Court hearing if the other side are unable, or unwilling, to see reason.

We will ensure your litigation matter however small or large, is handled professionally and we also guarantee that:

  • We will keep you fully apprised of the situation as your case progresses so that you remain in the driving seat at all times;
  • We will not advise you to continue if it is not in your best interests to do so;
  • We will give you sound legal advice;
  • We will be transparent in relation to costs and can often work to fixed-fee estimates to keep costs manageable;
  • We will always aim for dispute resolution before court proceedings; and
  • We will support you throughout thereby easing the burden and stress on you.
For further information, see our range of practice areas below. Our articles may also give you additional advice for your specific needs.