Dispute Resolution

Commercial Litigation

We view court proceedings as a last resort to resolve disputes; they can be costly, distracting and business relationships between parties seldom survive. Our commercial litigation lawyers, therefore, work with clients to find a solution that makes sense from both a legal and commercial basis. Where settlement is not appropriate or cannot be achieved, however, our heavyweight litigators will fight your corner.

We are committed to our clients and with a transparent fee structure (including fixed fees) and a dedicated client management team we will provide you with a professional, affordable and tailored service that will enable you to remain focused on running your business.

Principal areas of work

  • Injunctions & freezing orders
  • High Court and/or County Court Claim’s or Defence’s
  • Recovery of debt in the UK or overseas & Landlord Disputes over commercial leases
  • Misrepresentation or Fraud

Injunctions are where this an immediate need to act to prevent a continuing or potential harm or loss from happening. We have arranged ‘freezing orders over bank accounts’, 'asset freezing orders to stop a property transfers' and on the flip side defend injunctions on construction projects where permissions have not been correctly sort.

We act in many contentious matters from breach of contract, to employee fraud, to IP infringement.  We have also acted for a company and in turn for directors where an issue of fiduciary duties has been challenged . The devil is always in the detail and the disclosure process and addressing the evidence is essential in the success of any court hearing. We however, at all stages adopt a commercial approach to costs and settlement.

We have acted on a variety of cases where service charges are disputed, tenants have breached their commercial leases or there is failure to obtain the correct permissions. Our Property litigator specialises in this area and will help resolve matters where possible commercially and amicably.

Employees who have stolen funds can face civil injunctions, claims of fraud and breach of contract; director’s misleading clients can give rise to fiduciary claims and wrongful trading allegations; inducing consumers into contracts with misleading information are just some of the cases the team address on a daily basis. If your company has faced these claims or wants to initiate action we will guide through the process from start to end.

Commercial disputes take many forms; a reputation may be at stake, a company may be in deadlock or a rogue trader may have absconded with a large sum of money requiring emergency injunctive action. Disputes can escalate quickly and our experienced team is on hand to give you prompt, practical and clear legal advice so that appropriate action may be taken at the earliest opportunity to give you best chance of success.

We will ensure your litigation matter however small or large, is handled professionally and we also guarantee that:

  • We will keep you fully apprised of the situation as your case progresses so that you remain in the driving seat at all times;
  • We will not advise you to continue if it is not in your best interests to do so;
  • We will give you sound legal advice;
  • We will be transparent in relation to costs and can often work to fixed-fee estimates to keep costs manageable;
  • We will always aim for dispute resolution before court proceedings; and
  • We will support you throughout thereby easing the burden and stress on you.

For further information, see our range of practice areas below. Our articles may also give you additional advice for your specific needs.