Relocating to the UK & Private Investment

Private Investment and Tier 1 Investment

  • Investment for your UK business
  • Investment into a UK qualifying platform for an Investment Visa
  • Private Investment into corporate bonds
  • EIS tax investment options

Over the years we have developed relationships with financial institutes that we have come to trust.

These regulated financial advisors have helped us ensure that our clients are given specialist advice and support and attract a decent financial return. Transparency in fees, commissions and returns have been paramount to ensure our client engages the right people and takes the right route.

Corporate Bonds for Limited UK Companies offers a variety of benefits to both investors and businesses.

Our role has been to understand the legal structure, key documents, advise on the terms and help the client through the process.


Investors can invest any sum of capital into a bond for a fixed period between 18 months and 5 years. This is in effect a loan and the capital is repayable at the end of the term, free from any deduction or fluctuation. The security, held with a Trustee, being the collateral is always over 200% the invested sum (land, IP or contracts).

A fixed rate of interest is agreed upon deposit, ranging from 3-18%, with an average 2015-2016 being 7-8% payable quarterly, annually or rolled over as chosen. The monies are held in a bond  with a regulated, insured and established financial institute and the collateral in a Trust as security.

A list of the projects, terms, interest rates, collateral and exit route will be provided in an easy transparent form to understand the options. Benefit is above market rate return, collaterally secured investment, overseen and regulated with withdrawals made at regular intervals.

These investments are also qualifying under the Immigration Tier 1 rules for investment visa’s and as such a person can secure a visa and make money

We work directly with Immigration lawyers and immigration solicitors overseeing the process to ensure it is done correctly, efficiently and that the financial structure qualifies, produces the letters for the Home Office required and ensuring that you get regular reports and transparent fees and ultimately get your visa and the return.

Please see for more information on the above provided by the FCA advisors


UK Companies

If you want to attract investment into your business often you will be looking as sharing equity or acquiring debt. Setting up a corporate bond means you can acquire investment without doing this in the normal way.

What you need:

  • You need collateral and to pass a strict due diligence process.
  • Then you can take on monies for a fixed term period, providing a clear exit plan to repay, can be established or you make the investment convertible into shares.
  • You set the percentage return so its affordable , but competitive to get the right people and sums.
  • You then have no body involved in your business, no terms placed upon you how to invest or use the monies and you remain 100% in control.


These structures work best for those with a phased programme such as:

1. Buy land and equipment (where seed monies needed);

2 Energy certificates or planning granted as a result;

3. Government or private investor then buys out the seed investors as cash flow has started or project has been sold/completed/executed.


1. Seed money needed to develop the product and sales team;

2. Contracts then agreed with the end users for x return agreed already upon production;

3. Business contracts buy out the seed investors.

We have experience drafting and negotiating investment agreements, corporate bonds, setting up company structures to accommodate overseas and immigration needs and we strive to ensure you make money without losing control of your investment or business.


There are tax efficient structures whereby your company can acquire investment for its direct use, without giving away serious equity. It offers investors a tax rebate immediately upon investment which is often attractive in itself for them to want to invest in these companies.

There are very strict rules on how a company is set up, how it trades and how the shareholdings are recorded so this must only be embarked upon with qualified advisors. We work with a number of advisors specialising in these areas who can give you direct advice and then we will provide the support UK documentation.

If you have tried to set up structures of this nature and they have been scrutinised by HMRC or you know there is an issue speak to us urgently to see if we can help you re-structure and resolve the issue as we have been involved in this recently quite a bit due to the stringent rules.

Allow our team to act as your agent if you are relocating from abroad or have just arrived in the UK.

The legal work is undertaken by our solicitors, whilst Paul Flude, Head of our Life Planning Services, oversees the client management, international requirements and smooth connection to any third parties. From start to finish you will have one senior point of contact to guide you through the whole process.

Paul works closely with our commercial lawyers, immigration associates and other lawyers so that we can ensure everything you require is covered by our team.

What do we do for you:

  1. Discuss with our immigration team any investment - Entrepreneur visa requirements;
  2. Incorporate your company for you as directed;
  3. Advise on any Off-Shore Structures available and put you through to our team to handle for you if applicable;
  4. Help you with finding a good tax advisor, accountant, financial advisor or any other third parties you may require;
  5. Assist with acquiring commercial premises;
  6. Draft your Commercial Contracts or Shareholder Agreements and Employment Contracts for your new business
  7. Update your Will or create a new UK Will to protect your new UK assets
  8. Have our Immigration Associates assist with bringing any staff from overseas with you;
  9. Cross-jurisdiction contracts or issues that need resolution or re-defining
  10. Any family issues that may arise due to the relocation such as contact or divorce proceedings
  11. Investment or debt financing contract negotiation or advice

Paul and Karen, Managing Director, as entrepreneurs in their own right, assist people to relocate and to migrate their business interests to the UK whilst our team at the firm handle all of the legal work.