What a Cyber Attack looks like- Prevention and Tips

The recent global cyber-attack wreaked havoc at dozens of NHS trusts and hit thousands of computers in over 150 countries. The NHS trusts that were affected have been criticised for not adding the patch despite warnings from NHS Digital a month ago that they were vulnerable to a possible attack. Security experts say that computers […]

Filling a gap in the Financial sector: What funding/investment is out there for you?

Funding and investment are words I hear daily as many of my clients start their enterprising journey. These words are used interchangeably, but I actually define these as very distinct opportunities. I fear many do not honestly understand the array of options available to them, the risks and benefits of each, but often dive right […]

Are you an intermediary? Are you affected by the new legislation?

New legislation has been implemented to prevent intermediaries and individuals using deceptive methods to reduce employment tax and avoid the provision of employment rights. Such methods include the portrayal of false self-employment and the supply of workers from an off-shore location.

Transgender Rights: Harassment and Discrimination in the workplace

Late last year we fought a case for a transgender woman who was being discriminated against and harassed by her employer and colleagues. This woman had worked for the company happily for an astounding 23 years, yet despite the rapport and connections that she had built up, things changed frighteningly quickly following her transition.

Seeking Investment for your business: Top Six Investment Options

Many businesses need investment to be able to develop their product, launch it to market or expand into new countries. The common route is to get an equity share or bank loan – but whilst these are readily available options, they are not without pitfalls and obstacles. As a leading entrepreneur law firm we have […]

Covertly Recorded Conversations: Family and Child Cases

Separation and custody battles are extremely distressing. Allegations made between the parents can be easily made yet difficult to refute. Perhaps you have a way to prove otherwise though? Ever been tempted to leave your iPad ‘accidentally’ in a room, recording a conversation? Ever wanted to sew recording devices into children’s clothes to record your […]

Transgender Judgment: Woman denied access to 5 children

A transgender woman has been refused direct access to her children due to the discriminatory and trans-phobic practice of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism (Charedi).  Despite the resilience of the children and the inherent best interests being served by a child having direct contact with their parent, a High Court Judge has nonetheless supported the birth mother in […]

Questions on Franchise & why is it right for you?

Had enough of your regular 9-5pm job, had a baby and can’t face returning to work or just bored and need a new challenge. A Franchise arrangement can open a whole new world to you, but are you genuinely ready and capable of successfully embracing a new business? Are you too old? Never, you can […]

Got a great business, thinking to franchise this – have you chosen wisely?

When rolling out a franchise business either as a Master Franchise or a Franchisor one of the most difficult things to navigate can be the allure of a keen franchisee versus the reality of whether they actually have the funding and business savvy to make it work. Also, as important,  will that franchisee buy into […]

Divorce: What happens to your pension?!

A pension feels very personal and the thought of your ex-spouse acquiring a share now and/or in the future can be disturbing. If an agreement cannot be reached between you and your spouse, and there is no pre-nuptial agreement, a sizable pension can lead to a lengthy and protracted court battle. We have experienced a […]

Intellectual property – what is it, do I need it and how do I protect it?

Intellectual property is typically one of the most important and valuable assets of any business. Intellectual property (IP) is typically one of the most important and valuable assets of any business. It can be found in anything you have created or designed such as a product, software, logo or even the business name itself.    […]

Working mum work life / balance can this be achieved ? 

So you’re pregnant, but you love your career, do you have to choose between your family and your success? In short, you shouldn’t have to and the law is there to protect you , but what’s the reality ? There are so many protections and options for mums that there is no reason why you […]

The Human Rights Act & Surrogacy

A Single Father’s Journey: The Trilogy The Family Courts have recently had to grapple with the particularly thorny issue of a single man seeking a Parental Order for a child born through surrogacy. Under the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Act 2008 (HFEA), S54(1) and (2), only a couple who are married, civil partners or in […]

Brexit: Should we be worried?

A City Law Firm – Awarded ‘Innovative Law Firm of 2016 London’ We pride ourselves on being the ‘leading entrepreneur law firm in the City of London’, offering our clients alternative options, out the box ideas as well as traditionally sound legal advice. What does 2016/2017 hold for you and your business? I am not […]

My partner took out a she’s told me to pay her back!

My partner took out a loan so I could buy a motorbike – now she’s told me to pay her back in full or hand over the bike, what are my options? By Rebecca Rutt for Two years ago my partner took out a loan so I could use the money to buy a […]

Looking to invest in a company for your Entrepreneur Visa?

There are many people who will refer you to companies and accountants that can take in your investment, but these agents often take a referral free for doing so, but make no real attempt to check whether that company is able to perform the immigration processes you require or that it is sustainable for the […]

Mediation? Is that really necessary?

Not necessarily but be warned! Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mediation being the most well-known example, is now being strongly encouraged by the courts, more than ever before. The rationale is easy to follow. The courts are becoming increasingly burdened by an ever growing number of litigants and ADR, if used properly, increases the chances of […]

What is IP and why do I need to protect it?

So you’ve come up with an awesome idea for a startup. You know that you have the potential to be the next big thing. So you look at your budget and break down where you need to spend – be it marketing, networking events, hiring of staff or technology… but how safe is your very […]

Commercial Leases

Entering into a commercial lease is a fact of life for many businesses but failing to obtain proper advice before doing so can have dire financial consequences. By seeking assistance from our commercial property team at A City Law Firm we can help remove the uncertainties and flag up legal pitfalls. As we act for […]

Franchises and Commercial Leases

Franchising is a popular way of quickly growing a business and sharing the successful blueprint of a good product, service or idea. If you have a strong business brand which is suited for development as a franchise model i.e. it is a profitable business that has a proven track record and a broad appeal that can be replicated, finding franchisees may […]

Protecting your assets: Start-up to Divorce

You work hard to start your own company and invest time and effort into making it work, only to have problems either with fellow colleagues or, more personally, at home.  So how do you protect your assets when either starting a business with other people or in the unfortunate breakdown of a marriage?

Protecting Confidential Information

Are your trade secrets safe? Confidential information is non-public privileged information pertaining to a company’s business. Such information can include, trade secrets, proprietary information, know-how, technical, business or financial information and personal information.

Top Tips to Attract Investors

How much control can you afford to relinquish?  It is essential you decide on this early on , as it is very easy to accept an investors terms when they are offering you a much needed cash injection. What level of control do you need to retain to be able to operate your business on a […]

Empty Judgments…insolvent defendant?

Empty Judgments: What to do when faced with an insolvent defendant company. It is a claimant’s nightmare: succeed in obtaining a judgment against a defendant company only to find that the company is insolvent or does not have sufficient means to satisfy the judgment debt. This is what is known as an empty judgment, which […]

Do your T&Cs do what you want them to?

Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs) are an essential part of all businesses. They should provide clarity for customers and strike a fair balance to encourage business while offering you sufficient protection from the distraction and cost of disputes. Inadequately drafted and you could find yourself facing serious problems such as cash flow problems, business […]

What’s in a name? Just Google it! 

Google has become so renowned and ingrained in our daily lives that it’s the first thing that pops into your head when you want to know the answer to almost anything. “Google it” has become an in-built reaction to being asked a question you don’t know the answer to. Why then, would this tech giant choose to change their […]

Market Value of your Business

What I have observed in practice is that many businesses overlook the fact that fundamentally IP is a business asset. 

The effect of: Consumer Rights Act 2015

Christmas lists have been created and movies, music and apps for loved ones are now being sourced & downloaded. Business will be booming for digital moguls, but be aware the amended rules give your consumers protection never before bestowed.

Are you a shadow director, does it matter?

It is important that all business owners and those contemplating commencing a business are aware of the issues surrounding shadow directors and how someone may accidentally become one.

Recovery of pre-action legal costs

“Can I recover my costs from the other side?” This is one of the first questions asked in any dispute in which solicitors are involved and an important consideration when weighing up the commercial viability of pursuing a person for money owed to you.

Divorce & Dissolution:Hide/undervalue your assets?

You meet a man, you fall in love. You decide to commit, you do not wish to be un-romantic and discuss pre-nuptial agreements. You enter into your Civil Partnership or marry. You then wish you hadn’t. It seems what’s yours is his and what’s his is his. Suddenly the pre-nuptial seems like it had some merit…

A “nonsensical” time-bar: broken or bent a little?

In 2014, the President of the Family Division had a case before him where he updated the more literal statutory interpretation of the Parental Order process with a more flexible child focused version.  Although it will remain fact specific, an application not made within 6 months for good reason can therefore still be made after […]

Director’s Duties: What it actually involves!

As a Director, you will probably already understand the day to day decisions for the company and the metaphorical buck now stops firmly with you, but what about company procedures, legal duties, lifetime liabilities and the ‘fine print’ of being a Director?

The Dangers of Representing Yourself

All change The landscape of litigation has changed considerably this year. The guiding principle of the courts to deal with cases justly appears to have been qualified by the requirement that cases are run efficiently and at proportionate cost.

Co-Parenting: Alternative but Effective

Every family is different; every child’s upbringing unique. However, having more than two adults in a child’s life is not particularly uncommon in a modern family, as couples separate and new partners arrive on the scene. Step-parents have been an accepted form of parenting for a significant period of time.

Surrogacy & Employment Rights

Do Intended Parents have the right to receive maternity or paternity leave where a surrogate mother has given birth to a child?

Break clause update – Canonical UK Ltd

Challenging rent terms in your lease: Canonical UK Ltd. v TST Millbank LLC In this case a tenant sought to break a lease, which clearly specified (as is normal practice) that for a break notice to be valid, all the rents payable under the lease had be paid up to the date of the break.

Recovering Debt

So…You find yourself on the wrong side of an unfortunate business agreement. Money is owed to you.  You try to negotiate, but the other side is either unwilling to be reasonable or even to negotiate at all.

Enforcement in the EU

Debt Recovery Across EU Borders Is a company that owes you money based in another country in the European Union?  Perhaps an individual debtor has dissipated his assets in England and moved abroad within the EU to frustrate your attempts to enforce locally.

Employee shareholding schemes

New legislation has come into effect which will allow employees to become shareholders in a company in exchange for surrendering key employment rights. Significant tax reliefs are available for employees who enter into one of these schemes.

Raising capital: Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a new phenomena for businesses to raise capital by selling their equity to a large number of individuals, typically over the internet. Crowdfunding is also used for raising funds for individual projects or campaigns. The practice of Crowdfunding is popular in the USA and is now beginning to gain momentum in the UK.

Is the Equality Gap Closing?

Family Care asks: With National Careers Week and International Women’s Day falling in the same month, what better time than to discuss where equality in the workplace is for women. From your viewpoint, has the equality gap begun to close? And what needs to be done to progress to the next level?

Nannies, Child Minders or Nursery obligations

Legal considerations when choosing your childcare provider A parent has a number of important decisions to make in relation to choosing who will care for their child when they are not able to do so, especially if they intend to return to work. 

Why have a shareholders agreement?

You have a great concept or product, funding and perhaps a friend, relative or colleague that wants to join forces with you. The key to any successful business is good advice, support and above all appreciate the risks, liabilities involved and how you come out on top to fight another day if it all goes […]

Disabled Relative: Your Employment Rights

An employer’s duty, to make reasonable adjustments for a disabled employee, does NOT extend to an employee who is “associated” with a disabled person. What does associated mean?

Nursery T&Cs what is hidden in there?

As parents we have a number of important decisions to make. One is who will look after and care for our children , where we cannot do so, due to returning to work for example. This article focuses on Nurseries, but please see our other articles on nannies and child minders if this is applicable.

Becoming a Director…liabilities?

As a Director, you will probably already understand the day to day decisions for the company and the metaphorical buck now stops firmly with you, but what about company procedures, legal duties, lifetime liabilities and the ‘fine print’ of being a Director?

Flexibility & Time Off for Dependants

You are legally entitled to take a reasonable amount of time off to deal with certain emergencies involving certain dependants. This leave is called Time Off For Dependants.  Time Off For Dependants can be taken, for example, if a dependant falls ill or is injured, if care arrangements break down, or to arrange or attend […]

Grandparents’ rights

The legal recognition of a Grandparent, within Child Proceedings, has not sadly altered to reflect the change in society. More and more parents are relying on Grandparents for childcare and they have a very active role in the child’s up-bringing.

Cohabitation Separation

It is a common misconception that a “common law marriage” is recognised in UK law; it is not.  Regrettably, irrespective of the length of your relationship or the time you have been living together or whether you have children, there is still no legal recognition of this status and it can leave you vulnerable upon […]

What is Discrimination?

Do you know your maternity rights or rights on returning to work? At A City Law Firm Limited, we have a team of lawyers offering specialist advice on all aspects of employment law. We appreciate the stress (and joy) of becoming a mum and are here to support you with legal advice tailored to you […]

Paternity Leave and Pay: Know your rights

Statutory Paternity Leave is a maximum of two weeks’ leave, following the birth of a child, taken in order to support the mother or care for the new child.  It can be taken as a single week or two consecutive weeks.

Maternity Leave and Pay: Know Your Rights!

Pregnant employees are entitled to take 26 weeks’ Ordinary Maternity Leave and 26 weeks Additional Maternity Leave, irrespective of their length of service or the number of hours worked each week.  You may not return to work during the two weeks immediately following the birth of your child (four weeks for women who work in factories).

Government pension reforms

The recent reforms have implemented a new auto-enrolment scheme where employers are required to enrol eligible employees into a pension scheme automatically. Employers are also required to contribute to their employees’ pension funds.

Seldon Judgment: Compulsory Retirement

One of the most significant judgments on age discrimination was handed down on 25 April 2012 by the Supreme Court.  However, critics warn that the judgment may have left the door open for businesses to set their own retirement age for staff.

Advice on Settlement Agreements

The Government has responded to Law Society calls for clarification about the validity of compromise agreements (now known as Settlement Agreements) drafted under the Equality Act.

Social Media in employment cases

Employee’s and Employer’s should be forewarned that Facebook, Twitter and other social media cites can lead to grievances, disciplinary action and employment cases/ hearings….

Refused a service because I am gay

The Court of Appeal has upheld the County Court’s decision confirming that Christian Hotel Owners Mr & Mrs Bull discriminated against Civil Partners Messrs Preddy & Hall by denying them a double bed.

Franchise Agreements

Have you been offered a franchise or do you need to renew or sell yours? If so, let our team assist you, with clear and swift legal advice. We offer comprehensive advice for a fixed fee, which remain competitive and are also transparent.

TUPE Regulations 2006

TUPE is a complicated area of law and if you do not comply fully with the rules, or take time to consider the consequences carefully, it can be expensive and disastrous for those buying or selling their businesses.

What is a Settlement Agreement?

A Settlement Agreement is a legally binding agreement following the termination of your employment between your employer and employee. It is used often as a means of resolving a grievance or disciplinary during your employment or in some cases of redundancy. A Settlement Agreement formerly known as a compromise agreement is just that; a resolution / […]

A Guide to Divorce

How long do you have to be married in order to apply for a divorce? You cannot start a divorce until you have been married for at least 12 months and you will have to show that the marriage has broken down irretrievably and cannot be reconciled through mediation or other means.

Divorce Solicitors

It is a difficult time for all concerned when a relationship breaks down and it is essential that you receive clear and supportive divorce advice in what are usually emotionally difficult circumstances. Our divorce solicitors focus on you and your needs at all times. Our aim is to resolve matters both swiftly and painlessly, where […]

Infringement of IP Rights

Q: What is Intellectual property? A: Intellectual Property (IP) ascribes the legal right that exists in products of human creativity. IP is divided into two categories:  Industrial property, which includes inventions (patents), trademarks such as your logo, company name or slogan, industrial designs; and Copyright, which includes literary and artistic works such as novels, poems […]

Protecting your business name/brand

Whether you are operating your business as a sole trader, partnership, LLP or limited company you will have given it a name. You may well also have developed a logo, which together will be used to distinguish your business from your competitors.

Thinking of selling your business?

If you’re thinking about selling your business, the process can proceed more smoothly if the business owner has prepared their business for sale. This applies whether you’re selling the assets or the shares (which is an option if the business operates through a company).

Is Your Company Formed Correctly?

It is important that your company is correctly formed. Most companies intend to be limited by shares, but you will be surprised by the frequency of companies ‘accidentally’ set up to be limited by guarantee.

Is Your Business Website Lawful?

Business website: What should it contain? Your business has a website, have you ensured there are no restrictions or requirements that you should display?

Removal of Obstructive Executors

When creating a Will, every individual has complete freedom to choose who their executors are. These can be close family members, friends or even the monarch but are usually those people that you trust the most to carry out your wishes and distribute your estate in accordance with the same.  A lot of individuals choose […]

Creditor vs. Debtor

Escaping debt if leaving the UK permanently… More and more people are fleeing the UK for many reasons, but one trend appears to be to escape debt.

Using Social Media at Work

Employees who discuss their opinions openly on websites are at risk of finding that their messages are deemed malicious, damaging, and / or unlawful.

‘Legal tips’ for any new business venture

You’ve had a great idea for a business; you’ve set yourself up and may even have staff working for you; perhaps you’re now looking for your first premises or your first client seeking professional legal advice at the earliest possible stage will actually save you money in the long-term and avoid frequent pitfalls.

Disability:Reasonable Adjustments

As you all know treating a person less favourably because of their disability inside the workplace and during the recruitment process is against the law.

Why is it important to make a Will?

If you die without making a Will, all your property and finances (your estate) will be distributed by the intestacy rules, meaning that you cannot control who receives your property.

Surrogacy Scandal

Surrogate twin abandoned by intended parents, has the UK law really thought its policies through?

Employers Settlement Agreements

We can meet you immediately & honour costs offered by your employer. Professional, proactive and experienced in negotiating settlement agreement terms.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act

This Act is already in force and has had a substantial impact upon the LGBT community for lesbian or gay couples wishing to have children through fertility treatment.

Surrogacy Law in more detail…

Our surrogacy lawyers provide advice below on the current surrogacy laws: From 6th April 2010 the surrogacy rules were revolutionized regarding the assignment of parental rights and the recording of non-biological parents on a child’s birth certificate.

Same-sex relationship: Acquiring parental rights

There are many ways for same sex couples to have children and fulfill their dreams of having a family.  The parenthood and fertilisation laws are developing to keep pace with each other, but it is important to seek legal advice on matters where you are unsure.

Do I need a Pre-Nuptial or Pre-CP Agreement?

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 and Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2015 updated the law to provide equality to couples in a same sex relationship.  However, while the same legal rights and protection have been afford to same sex couples, similarly the English courts have confirmed that their assets should also be divided using exactly the […]